I was born in Hong Kong into a regular family with the usual cultural traditions that any kid born in Hong Kong would expect. Our parents wanted the best for us and the expectations were high. I remember feeling stressed about learning my times tables at school when I was 6 years old, but of course, I had soon memorised all my times tables up to 14 x tables like all the other kids in my class.

My parents made the decision to bring us to Australia to give us a better chance at a good education and better lifestyle. My sister and I both went to McRobertson Girls High School and both did very well academically.

All through school and uni I loved sports including athletics (until I was too short to run against the other girls!) basketball (including coaching) and badminton. I also completed training in boxing and karate and later on in life, aussie rules footy.

At uni I completed a double degree in computer systems engineering and business administration. Whilst at uni I was also heavily involved with the sports and recreation department and uni games. I also loved being in the gym and training. After uni I went on to work in IT as a SAP BI (business intelligence) specialist for Accenture.

I didn’t mind the corporate work but could see that people were not looking after themselves, wearing themselves out, getting run down and sick. People were not happy or healthy despite making good salaries. These people didn’t have time for a life or fun – I didn’t want to end up being this person.

In the background I completed my certificate III & IV in fitness and personal training. This happened after a visit to the Fitness Expo in 2005 with my good friend Denise. She encouraged me to sign up, it seemed like a perfect fit given all the time I spent playing sport and being the gym. I then started training clients before and after work (at my IT job with Accenture).

After 5 years working in a corporate role and a stint in London doing personal training, I decided I wanted to get into the fitness industry full time. Working in a corporate environment there was a lot of stress, long hours, targets and deadlines. I could see people working hard and not looking after their health and wellbeing. To me, there was more to life than helping multi million dollar companies make more money.

I wanted to enjoy my work and have a positive impact on each person I worked with. Helping people, seeing changes, teaching people to move well to reduce pain, increase strength and get healthy is my real passion… I wanted to make a real difference in the world.

I have now invested over 10 years learning and honing my coaching skills. I have learnt from some of the best in the industry. This industry has given me the opportunity to work with the Collingwood Football Club’s inaugural womens’ AFLW team, my local womens’ football team, the Eastern Devils, as well as all my clients, past and present. I’m still loving the work I do every day!

In the future I look forward to our continued growth so we can carry on guiding the people who need our help to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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