So 2018 is finally over, does it feel like times goes by much quicker as we get older or is it just me?

In the blink of the eye and the Hopscotch Fitness Burwood studio turned 3 and Louise and I have been in the business for over 10 years!

2018 was always going to be a challenging year, as both my mum and Noah (my eldest nephew)’s health were deteriorating at the end of 2017. We spend 2017 Christmas at Monash Childrens Hospital as Noah caught a virus while mum rested at home before celebrating her 62nd birthday with friends from Hong Kong on the 8th Jan.

On 21st Jan 2018, Mum was rushed to hospital with a fever and shortness of breathe, the on call nurse called her an ambulance as she spoke to me over the phone. We spent many days and nights at the hospital after receiving the news on Tuesday 30th Jan that the doctors at Royal Melbourne Hospital could no longer do anything for her condition. She had MDS which was moving towards acute leukaemia but all forms of chemo/cancer treatments were stopped as she was getting a build up of proteins in her lungs, causing her to struggle to breathe.

My mum and I had a challenging relationship throughout my adolescent and adulthood, but we started to spend some time together after realising her condition was starting to deteriorate in January 2016. I wanted to share a few small pieces from my eulogy for my mum:


She was one hard lady who loved family (and friends) and wanted to give the world to us. She was very traditional which caused a lot of tension in our relationship in particular.

She had a tough upbringing having to fend for herself early in her years but created an amazing life for herself and our family in Australia.

She nurtured her siblings and helped them grow into the amazing women they are, she also taught my sister and I some great life skills to ensure we always do what’s best for the world, others and ourselves.

She was super woman in our eyes, always working and learning, she would often come home with new skills! We were extremely lucky as both our parents were hard workers. They gave us experiences, not just material things, as memories and experiences are what builds us and lasts in our memory. These experiences also shape us.

My mum was a great cook and we were showered with amazing dishes. Everything was homemade and she loved having friends over to share the meals.

My mum was also named ED queen of the night as she worked the evening shift at Royal Melbourne Hospital for 38 years, just getting shit done. Hard working doesn’t quite encapsulate mum, often through the years she would hold 2 – 3 jobs at a time. Partly because she wanted to have the money to support the family but partly because she loved learning new things and keeping busy.

She was quite little in physique but many of you know her as a strong lady both physically and mentally, loud, talkative, determined, intelligent, curious, a high achiever, caring, protective and loyal, especially once you have earned her respect.

Mum was tiny but mighty!


Although there is sadness and grief and all those emotions that come with the death of a loved one, it also brought light to things that matter to me (and us) most. Spending time with loved ones and realising that life is short to be doing things you don’t love. To seize the day and not to dwell on things you cannot change but to focus on the path in front. To create a life that we are excited about, to chase our dreams and find balance.

So instead of throwing around any random new years resolutions, I encourage you to review 2018. What brought you the greatest joy whether it be people, activity, events or commitments? What caused you stress, brought sadness or negativity? Highlight those people, things and events that you loved and fill your 2019 calendar with these. Focus on the steps you need to take so you can enjoy a happier and healthier life. What is important to someone else may not be important to you. If you are in a relationship, it is important to sit together as a couple or family and figure out what are your overarching dreams and what goals you need to achieve to help you reach your dreams.

So 2019, we look forward to what it brings, a new year means new hopes, new goals and new dreams. Every action every day can move you closer to your dream life, the question is, are you willing to take those steps and make those changes?

The ball is in your court.


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