As Mother’s Day draws near, many would be wondering what to get for their Mum’s to show our appreciation of their love and support over the years. While many articles out there talk about buying Mum gifts, we took a slightly different approach to Mother’s Day.

Instead of buying more tangible items that may not necessarily be needed. Items that seem to take up more room that we don’t have or items that add to landfill down the track, maybe it’s time to focus on time and experience. Below are some ideas we think would be a great way to spend mother’s day!

1. Mother’s day classics

There are a number of these events around the state in which you, your Mum and other family members can participate in! All these events help raise money to great causes while spending time with loved ones. It’s a great way to get out into nature and to get some exercise in while having fun!

2. Spending time with Mum

If a fun run isn’t your cup of tea (like that?) then maybe actually taking your Mum out to have a cuppa or just spending the day with her doing something she may enjoy. That could be as simple as pottering around the house of hanging out at the local cafe or driving up to the Dandenong Mountains and having brunch with a beautiful view. It’s not what you give but the time spent with your loved ones that really matter at the end of the day!

3. Cooking a meal

Are you a good cook? Is there a recipe you have been meaning to try? Maybe it’s a great day to spend time in the kitchen either learning how to cook some of your favourite dishes from your Mum’s receipt book or letting your Mum put her foot up enjoying a little down time while you whip up something special for her. Cooking can be very therapeutic if you aren’t in a rush! Spend the day shopping for the fresh food you need, then wash and prep before cooking up a storm!

4. Helping her clean the house/do a chore

This is not a favourite but it’s more to help your Mum with something you have been meaning to do but struggled to find time. Maybe it’s just helping her sort out her glass collection, her veggie garden or to empty the garage. Just spending some quality time is so important, you never know, you might come across something that can trigger off an old happy memory together.

5. Take her out to an experience

How adventurous is your Mum? Did she used to go horse riding or kayaking or even hiking a lot? Did you like to hang out down at the beach and just have a chilled meal by the waters or was she an adrenaline junkie much like yourself and loved jumping out of planes? Is there an amazing experience you can get for your Mum that she would really appreciate? Get those gifts that you would buy for someone else but not yourself, like a massage voucher, spa treatment, take her out to a new restaurant or even an old favourite. Treat her to a Gold Class movie with the works or even go bowling. People don’t always remember the items you may buy them, but they will always remember the wonderful experiences that they may have throughout their lives.

Consumerism has become a big part of the world today, but it doesn’t mean we need to fall into the traps of constantly buying items to fill the void we might have, happiness can’t be bought, (though I know what some of you are thinking… that’s for another conversation). Instead value time with loved ones and enjoying the environment around us is more valuable to our happiness and our soul, more than you might think!

No matter what you decide at the end of the day, give yourself plenty of time to relax and enjoy the day with your loved one especially your Mum. Our busy daily lives means we rarely slow down and enjoy what we have, we don’t tend to have time to do much let alone appreciate those around us, so this Mother’s Day – Stop, slow down and make time for your Mum!

We would love for you to post on our Hopscotch Fitness Facebook page on what you did with your Mum for Mother’s Day.

We’ll be enjoying some quality time with our friends and Mums at the Mother’s Day Classic in the Melbourne City. We’ll be dedicating this run to my Mum, Winnie, who passed away just over two months ago. We hope you have a wonderful weekend with you Mum.

Wishing all the amazing Mum’s in the world a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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