I’m not great with words, never been much of a writer and the thought of having to write blogs regularly as part of our new business model was daunting. But as I stood there looking at the Client Experience Board we put up at the studio on our Saturday night off, it actually made me teary.

A lot has happen in the last year, Louise and I decided to take the next step to open up our own health hub so we could reach out to more people, to help more people. Our little home business was growing but we couldn’t grow anymore due to limited space. So we spent a year looking around and finally acquired a place mid 2015. The permit process was painful to say the least but after months of paperwork, and a month or so of renovating the space ourselves while working our normal hours we finally opened the doors to our first little health hub on 13th Dec 2015 officially, Hopscotch Fitness in Burwood.

Since then, we’ve been busy working away on all our businesses, Louise juggling her full time work and her myotherapy business which has been solid and growing. Her healing hands and knowledgable mind has been able to help many and really it’s only a matter of time until she devotes her time to her passion making it a full time gig.

In recent months, we’ve been creating new processes and procedures to help build a stronger foundation for our business. It hasn’t been easy, it definitely has pushed our boundaries but we kept at it. It has also made me doubt myself, question myself if I’m good enough to do what I do, to build this empire we want, to help as many people as we can to live a healthier life. I still have so much to learn, could be so much better, but am I good enough? Am I where I should be? These thoughts creep into my mind with these new changes as clients join and leave our community.

As I stand looking and reflecting on what my clients have achieved and the joy in their faces, it makes me really proud to see the changes I have seen and they have experienced. I know where I want to be, I know what I want to do, I just need to push through and work on what will make me better. I believe in our service, I believe in our value, I just need to realise that it may not be the right time and right service for everyone we meet right now. It is not necessarily a reflection of us as a business. I also know I can’t ask for a better business partner who has been inspiring, supportive and hardworking to continue this journey with.

So for those who are staying on board, we appreciate your patience, support and belief that we can add value to your lives. Bare with Louise and I as we try and make our business better for everyone working with our purpose to ‘inspire and improve our clients health through assessment, training and education’.

For those who have yet to join our little community, we welcome you with open arms, we are here to help you with your health and fitness goals. To find that fun in moving your body, creating lasting lifestyle changes that you can share with your family and friends.

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