Below are some Testimonials from our clients. Our clients come from all walks of live, with all different backgrounds and goals.

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Sarah D’Arcy has been training with Hopscotch Fitness on and off since 2012, learning the basics of how strength training and training overall can help an athlete improve in their sport. D’Arcy plays many sports but her current focus has been Women’s AFL – She plays for the Collingwood Women’s Football team.

I’ve been training with Wiki close to a year now, and every week I come back for more. Wiki doesn’t just give you a bunch of exercises to do, but she chooses each movement for a reason. She has a deep knowledge of the body and it’s movement, being able to explain each carefully crafted exercise every session.

We discuss goals, therefore sessions are planned to my needs and areas I wish to work on. Wiki has improved my health, strength, flexibility, knowledge, motivation, tone, confidence and much more. Highly recommend to anyone!

– Sarah M., Lighting Technician, Network 10. Sep 2013

Carrie and Sonia are both mothers who haven’t trained for a while and needed a little helping hand to get started again. They joined our Kickstart program in June 2016 and this is what they had to say about the program and what they got out of it!

I started training with Wiki in Feb 2013 – and I couldn’t be happier choosing Wiki to train with.I am fitter and definitely stronger than I have ever been. I have muscles I didn’t ever think I’d find and my posture is better than ever!

Wiki has not only taught me proper technique for lifting weights, heaps of different body resistance exercises and I am constantly suprised and challenged by ever changing workouts she throws at me. I have learnt to value myself through exercise and healthy eating. I am worth it and without Wiki’s constant support and dedication to me I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I have recently relocated to the country for work and today I walked into my new gym and smashed out a session equipped with all the skills Wiki has taught me! Thank you Wiki and Hopscotch Fitness!

– L.G., Firefighter, MFB. Sep 2013

Check out what Ina and Agnes had to say about our Kickstart program. Ina only recently had her first child and wanted to get back into looking after herself, she’d been a runner for most of her life and hadn’t done much strength training at all.

Agnes never played much sport but wanted to take advantage of the program and training with her friends. She loved the program and has continued her training and smashing her goals.

From the very first contact I had with Wiki I could see the passion and care she has for her clients. Through every step, Wiki has been there for me and inspires me to get the very best out of myself.

With Wiki, nothing is too much even the simple thing of sending a message to her at any time asking if what I am about to eat is the best option and for Wiki it is no problem, to be honest I actually think she likes getting those messages. Every session is different and it’s not always about lifting heavy weights, but also getting your body to be able to move the way it’s designed to, her knowledge of the body and movement that you can get from it is simply outstanding and being able to explain each movement and why that movement is important helps me understand what I am doing and the benefits of it. Working with Wiki and in more recent times Louise for myotherapy massages I am not only achieving my goals but my body is feeling the best it has for a very long time, Hopscotch fitness not only gives you the tools to be able to better yourself but they are with you every step of the way.

The best thing about Hopscotch fitness is that they are on the same journey you are, doesn’t matter what journey you are on they will be with you, they will get you to the goals that you want to achieve.

– Brenton Van Gameren, Sales Manager. Apr 2017

Below are just some of the Testimonials we have received over the last 10 years. Have a look at how we can help you with your health and fitness goals!

Wiki is a terrific trainer, sensitive, technically excellent and attentive but she is so much more. She is inspiring for her dedication to her personal learning and her generosity in sharing her wisdom for the benefit of her clients.

So, not only will Wiki help you achieve the results you want for your body, she will also help you focus on your life goals and equip you with tools and support to achieve your highest aspirations.

– Kimberley R., Human Resources, Executive. Apr 2014

I just wanted to let you know how amazing I have found my pt sessions with Wiki! About 2 years ago I was seeing a physio for my shoulder pain and he gave me a number of exercises to do. I did them assiduously for months and the pain never went away. In fact, it got worse. Eventually, the physio sent me to a sport medicine doctor who prescribed a fairly high dose of anti-inflammatory meds for bicep tendonitis, which did eventually make the pain go away. But I couldn’t do the exercises without the pain coming back, so I just stopped. My shoulder was totally pulled forward and out of the socket but it didn’t hurt unless I used it for swimming or other exercise.

Fast forward 2 years and in just 1 session with Wiki and 3 weeks of doing the exercises she prescribed, the physical location of my shoulder started to change pretty dramatically, easing the tension on the tendon and diminishing inflammation. I wish I’d taken photos of the shoulder before my very first session with her because the transformation she was able to effect in a short time was amazing! I haven’t gone swimming yet to test it but certainly other forms of exercise are no longer painful.

I’ve also had my second session with Wiki and while the results aren’t quite as dramatic as after the first session, I continue to see and feel positive change week by week. I’m looking forward to my final session in the coming weeks. And I’m excited to try swimming in April as part of the Premier’s Active April campaign, which was my goal in starting my pt program with Wiki in the first place.

– Barb W., Business Owner. Apr 2014

If you have met Wiki, attended one of her classes, fitness groups or had a personal training session with her, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t had the privilege, seriously… what are you waiting for?

It is impossible to explain what Wiki can do for you in words. In the (almost) 12 months since I met and started training with Wiki, my outlook on health, fitness and life in general has changed – all for the better.

I have more energy, confidence and an overall enthusiasm towards life that I’ve not had before. I have never woken up on a morning where I know I’ve had a training scheduled with Wiki and thought “ugh, I can’t face going today”. I always look forward to catching up for our PT sessions and to see what Wiki has in store for me.

The workouts Wiki designs are adjusted as you improve or to suit your specific goals. During the time we have trained together, the workouts have always been varied, altered to my needs and I have never done the same work out twice. After a PT session, Wiki will give me ‘homework’ or things I can work on in between our catch ups. I find creates a determination in me to push that bit harder each and every time.

Wiki is always attentive, encouraging and positive. Under her guidance you not only cover the physical aspects associated with fitness training, but she also provides a complete comprehensive cover of diet and mental concentration. She will take the necessary time to explain exercises, show you how to perform them and will describe the benefits of what the exercise will do for you. If you don’t get it straight away, there is always a smile to encourage you, a joke, or words of praise.

With Wiki you can guarantee you will have 110% of her attention and dedication while she is working with you; which is more than I can say for some of the other trainers I’ve encountered! I have never met a more passionate, dedicated or considerate person than Wiki. While Wiki is a personal trainer, she will have me as a client and advocate.

Although make sure you count your own reps and she is known to sneak an extra one or two in on you otherwise!

– Suzanne W., Team Leader, Liberty Financial. May 2013

I have been training with Wiki for almost a year now. Wiki is always a very good trainer and motivator and my journey would not have been possible without her constant help and support.

When I began seeing Wiki I weighed around 118kg. I was lazy, depressed, totally unmotivated and lacking in confidence. With Wiki’s persistence and patience, I have definitely come a long way. I now weigh 93kg and I’m still very much determined to reach my weight loss targets.

I feel much healthier than I have in at least 6 years and getting my training and food advice from Wiki has been one of the keys to my success. I used to always use time as an excuse and now I find myself making excuses for other things so I can fit in a work out. My body has been through some incredible changes and I am now starting to have some much needed confidence within myself.

Overall, Wiki has been one of my major support systems in my journey through her training, advice, motivation and persistence in getting the best out of me. With this, I now feel I have the strength to live life to the fullest whilst still looking after my body. Wiki, thanks for everything thus far!!!!!!

– Renee B. Jul 2012

I had been going to the gym for a few months when Wiki presented the idea of participating in the 84 Day Challenge. Although I was certainly fitter and had lost some weight I was still struggling to correct my less than ideal eating habits and make any significant progress. The opportunity to have Wiki as a coach and follow a structured programme seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

What I realised by undertaking the Challenge was how important it is to combine exercise and eating correctly. I had been exercising however because I didn’t understand how to eat well progress was slow.

The first two weeks were tough. Learning any new habit takes some time. However with Wiki’s encouragement and weekly feedback I was soon on track and enjoying the experience.

The difference was amazing! I had been expecting the improvement in fitness and weight loss however I received a number of additional unexpected benefits. Around week six of the Challenge I took the yearly physical for my life insurance.

The results were a welcome surprise.
1. Previously high cholesterol had returned to normal levels
2. Previously worrying liver function test was normal.
3. Blood pressure had come down from 140 / 90 to 130 /70 and is now 120/ 60.

Also unexpectedly the athlete’s foot condition that had been plaguing me for the last 2 – 3 years completely cleared up without any medication.

In addition to losing 8 kg and becoming fitter I received a letter from my Life Insurance Company reducing my premiums by 50%. The reduction in premiums and the money I am no longer spending on junk food has put $250 a month back in my pocket! That easily covers the costs of gym membership and personal training sessions.

For me the biggest benefit has been the flow on effect to my family. My wife volunteered to support me in the Challenge by cooking meals based on the recommendations in the 84 Day Challenge. These have now become our normal way of eating on most days.

‘The best part is the influence this has had with my two children. When I go out to exercise in the park they come with me and run about. They are much more interested in exercise now than playing with their Nintendo DS and will mostly listen to me when I tell them not to eat junk food.

I would recommend everyone take the 84 Day Challenge.

– Daniel O., HSE Manager, Melbourne Australia. Jan 2011

I trained with ‘Wicked Wiki’ once a week for around a 6 month period. I found our sessions to be truly enjoyable, as well as very effective in improving my fitness and helping me to lose excess weight.

Wiki has a terrific knowledge of the workings of the human body and a huge repertoire of different exercises. Her sessions comprise of a mixture of different cardio and weight exercises, and the well planned sessions means that you are able to push yourself for the whole hour, without getting bored or fatigued.

For me, the best part was the friendship we built over the months; I really looked forward to our sessions so I could catch up on the week’s news! I also learnt enough to enable me to maintain my health and fitness on my own, so I have had real lasting benefit from our sessions.

– Claire R., Teacher, MLC. Jan 2010