Our Small Group Training (SGT) classes are limited to only 10 participants per class, this ensures every one of you are being looked after. Attention to detail is part of our service when it comes to training and we want you all to feel like you’re not just a number, but someone who has taken a positive step towards creating a healthier and happier lifestyle; we’re here to help you with reaching your goals.

We design our classes to be challenging yet fun, there are regressions and progressions for all levels. You’re welcomed so long as you’re willing to work hard and learn.

No one gets left behind when we train as a team.


Want to move like a butterfly and sting like a bee?

Want to learn to the correct technique to box or just to have a little fun? We like to focus on one round at a time. Boxing is completed in pairs with one partner boxing while the other is holding the focus pads.

We supply boxing gloves and focus pads but advise you to bring your own wraps or cotton gloves to each class. Easy wraps can also be purchased at the studio.


HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

A 45min class to improve your endurance without losing the focus of staying strong. A mix of exercises creates the overall training package for you.

No need to bring anything besides your towel, drink bottle and a never give up attitude!


Want to be strong as an ox? We teach you the techniques to complete lifting properly, we also teach you to work outside of your comfort zone and become strong in mind and body.

We start with the basics, ensuring your foundations are right so you can focus on improving your strength in whatever you do.


Without mobility, your body is limited to what it can achieve. Not only do we focus on improving your flexibility through different methods, we also focus on teaching you techniques to improve your overall mobility; to have the strength and control through you ROM (Range of motion) to prevent injuries.