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Don’t be down in the dumps just because Melbourne is under restrictions… again… mostly because, you can still do personal training online! Get into shape, get strong, get fit… and more importantly, feel GOOD!

A strong and healthy body will support a tough immune system, so why not start now?! Not to mention doing exercise is a great mood booster 🙂

If you’ve got goals you want to achieve, we can help you get there.

Apart from shedding some kilos (if that’s what you want?!) you’ll feel stronger, fitter and more energetic.

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Wiki doesn’t just give you a bunch of exercises to do, but she chooses each movement for a reason. She has a deep knowledge of the body and it’s movement, being able to explain each carefully crafted exercise every session.

Owner, Caravan Sounds

From the very first contact I had with Wiki I could see the passion and care she has for her clients.

The best thing about Hopscotch fitness is that they are on the same journey you are, they will get you to the goals that you want to achieve.


Sales Manager

With Wiki you can guarantee you will have 110% of her attention and dedication while she is working with you; which is more than I can say for some of the other trainers I’ve encountered! I have never met a more passionate, dedicated or considerate person than Wiki. While Wiki is a personal trainer, she will have me as a client and advocate.

Team Leader, Liberty Financial

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