Welcome to Day 5 of the 5 Day Focus!

You have reached session 5! Well done and we hope you have been able to get through each session without too many issues. The ranges may need work but that’s ok! 

In this last session we focus on the spine. This is the longest of all the sessions and is worth investing time in. Included are drills to increase extension, flexion and rotation of the spine.

A healthy spine is vital for optimal physical health. Quality movement in your upper back helps reduce overloading in your lower back. Focus on using your breathe to help relax and also increase range where you can.

I love these drills! I know when I’ve been working a lot in front of my laptop that my back ends up quite stiff. These drills help release the tension or any discomfort I have from sitting at my laptop for hours.

Let us know how you go!

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